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Your purchase of much-needed supplies helps our operations in Uganda, Albania, and  India. Please use the buttons below to donate the specified item(s), when you are done, you may check out and pay with credit/debit card, or PayPal.


£10.00 per month

School Sponsorship for 1 child + uniform

£10 per Month

Agricultural Student Sponsorship (non- formal course)


Good quality Boer Cross Goat

£25.00 per month

Sponsorship of a Child in LightForce Children’s Village- Home & School Sponsorship


Contribute towards the cost of a Zero Grazing Cow for selling milk to sustain our schools


10 chickens


Rent 1 acre of land for LightForce for 1 year


Pay a teacher’s salary


Buy an assortment of vegetable seeds for us to plant in Uganda


£25.00 per month

Sponsorship of a Care Home Child in India- Home & School Sponsorshiprse)


Purchase a sheep in India


Support Home of Faith Care Home

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