Home of Faith


Children working in slate minesLightForce International has formed a partnership with a young lady called Sunitha in Andhra Pradesh. Sunitha has dedicated her life to caring for vulnerable people groups in her area. These include, (1) Children who are rescued from working in granite/slate quarries, (2) caring for former street girls and (3) caring for widows

Currently caring for and feeding 100 people without a permanent place to live or an established source of income, Sunitha’s work is an enormous testimony of determination, prayer and faith as she continues to rely on God for daily resources.


Sunitha at one of the churches she has plantedIn addition to the care she provides, Sunitha is committed to visiting villages and sharing her faith in idol-worshipping communities where the Christian gospel has never been heard. On many occasions, village leaders have met her with adversity and forced her to leave by throwing stones or boiling water at her. And this has only strengthened Sunitha’s faith as she has been persistently returning to these areas to share the love of God with the people.

In partnership with LightForce, Sunitha has secured two acres of land upon which Home of Faith has been developed to provide accommodation for the children and women in her care.

Sunitha also oversees a network of 170 churches as she provides training and support to pastors and other church leaders.


The community needs a minimum 30kg of rice each day to ensure at least one good meal for all. We can purchase 3kg of rice for £1. We need £10/day, £300/month.


We are looking for partners to help in the development of Home of Faith. If you are interested, please see our Contact page.

You can purchase supplies or support the work of Sunitha at the LightForce Shop.