Soldiers watching children in a village

Uganda is home to one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.
Carol Bellamy (UNICEF), 2004

In the past decade, Uganda has been rocked by civil war, genocide, and a refugee crisis of mass proportions. Due to the violence committed by the rebel force called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), at one time, 1.4 million people were forced from their village homes and living in displaced people’s camps. One of the most heart-wrenching victims of this crisis have been children. As the violence spread, thousands of children became had been abducted to serve as porters, sold as sex slaves or trained to fight with the rebels. Numerous children have also been left as orphans. The nation is just now beginning to show signs of hope and recovery from years of despair.

LightForce International has worked in Lira in Northern Uganda since January 2004 and worked in the camps at the height of the crisis. As a result of a holding peace those displaced have moved back to their villages—rebuilding their homes and working their land. The process has been difficult because most of the infrastructure was destroyed or neglected during the years of rebellion.

LightForce International has supported the return process and worked with communities with special emphasis on the education and health sector. LightForce has enjoyed partnerships with UNICEF, Memisa Belgium, and the Government of Belgium.

Our current major projects include:

LightForce Safari LodgeNursery & Primary School – As part of our Telela Village, LightForce International has built a day nursery in an impoverished area. Our next project will be expanding it to include primary age children as well. More details…


LightForce Safari Lodge – We have created a safari lodge to host volunteer teams, tourists and trekkers, and conferences and courses. We are also employing many in the area and providing training in gardening/farming, hospitality, and Go to the website


School Sponsorship – LightForce International sponsors children throughout Lira. More details…



Health Centres – LightForce International has renovated and provided housing for regional health centres, as well providing essential medicine and equipment.


Local Volunteer Training – LightForce International is committed to training a generation of young adults who take responsibility for their future and take the initiative to make a change in their societies and the world. To that end, we are raising and training teams of Ugandans to partner with Volunteer teams from the UK and USA to go into the surrounding areas of Northern Uganda to minister to the needs of the community.


Volunteer Teams Needed for Multiple Projects

Are you interested in helping out with our projects in Uganda as a volunteer? Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information. Alternatively, you can contact LightForce on: 01908 553070 or email: for more information.