LightForce Village


Girl School UgandaLightForce International has been in Lira since 2003. Initially, we had a rented compound and paid more in rent than it ever cost the owner to buy the land and build the house. Therefore in 2007, we secured 10 acres of land for future development, and in 2011-2013 we cleared 6 acres and built a staff house, office and visitor centre. The site now houses a day nursery with capacity for 120 children, and a primary school as well as a newly built Agricultural School (January 2017) and a Health Clinic.


Volunteer and Mission Opportunities


children playing

LightForce Day Nursery and Primary School

Over the past few years LightForce has worked alongside teachers and education professional to provide training and support for our nursery and primary school in Uganda. Having had many volunteers over, we have seen the nursery and school grow and develop as a result of their hard work. Would you like the opportunity to impact upon a teacher’s development, make a difference in the lives of children and leave your mark on education in Uganda… then this is the opportunity for you.

classroom teacher

Activities you can do:

  • Teach lessons
  • Support the development of PE teaching
  • Support the teaching of phonics to staff, to develop the children’s reading skills
  • Gain experience with children aged 3-14 years old
  • Enhance the outdoor play opportunities in the nursery school
  • Lead staff training (where appropriate)

LightForce Health Centre


In 2016, we opened up a clinic within the grounds of the LightForce projects. The aim of this clinic is to provide healthcare for locals who normally would need to travel some distance to access quality medical care. In an area where people live in poverty, locals experience illnesses and conditions linked to this as well as suffering from malaria. The clinic aims to provide basic health, pre natal and post natal care as well as offering anti venom for snake bites and general health support and advice.

Opportunities to support the work:

  • Assist with the development of the Health Care Centre
  • Work within the clinic in your specialist area
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of tropical diseases
  • Work alongside local health care professionals to support and develop both of your practice in turn

LightForce Care Home

In 2016 our newly built Care Home opened its doors to children from the local community. Offering new opportunities, a loving home and school attendance the care home is helping to transform lives and better opportunities for its children. Time in the home is full of fun, activities and care.



How you can be involved in the home:

  • Support the care home staff in the running of the home
  • Support the children with work from school
  • Run activities for the weekend
  • Spend time with the children

LightForce Agricultural Vocational School

LightForce is committed to training a generation of young people and adults to take responsibility for their future and to make a change in their societies and the nation. To that end, we have built a Vocational Training School on our 10 acre site, which will provide education and skills training. The focus of the school is on job specific training for students in the fields of Tropical Agriculture and Livestock.

How you can get involved:

  • Working with students in the farm and garden.
  • Supporting the training of students in agriculture.