How it all Began

Our Work

LightForce International is a British Registered Charity (no. 1050871) based at the Christian Centre in Milton Keynes, England.

The Charity is committed to taking good news to the poor and practical help to people in need. The work of LightForce began in Poland in 1980, during the Cold War years, and touched Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosova, & Croatia in the following 20 years.

At the dawn of the new millennium the work has extended worldwide. LightForce has placed workers with other organisations in Africa, India, Mongolia, New Zealand and Nepal. Currently our major areas of involvement are Albania, Kenya, Uganda & India.

The work of LightForce International can be grouped under the following categories: Christian mission, Humanitarian Aid and Development. Our activities vary country by country. As a faith based mission LightForce seeks to uphold Christian values in all its work.

LightForce projects include school and health centre renovation, children’s adventure camps, school sponsorship, construction of health centres & staff housing, education, HIV/Aids, provision of drugs and medical equipment, feeding programmes, women empowerment, micro-farm and assistance for children with special needs.


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