LightForce Uganda

LightForce International has worked in Lira, Northern Uganda, since January 2004 initially working in the displaced peoples camps at the height of the rebel insurgency which devastated people’s lives. After a holding peace was in place, those displaced moved back to their villages—rebuilding their homes and working their land. LightForce International supported the return process and worked with communities with special emphasis on the education and health sector. LightForce has enjoyed partnerships with World Food Programme, UNICEF and Memisa Belgium.

Since 2007, we have  purchased land and developed projects in Telela, Omito Parish Lira. We employ over 50 local people to support the running of our projects which include: Nursery, Primary School Agricultural & Vocational School, Children’s Village, Visitors centre and Community Health Centre. We farm 140 acres with a mixture of crops and livestock. 

LightForce Nursery & Primary School

In Lira we have built a Nursery and Primary school. Children start in our Nursery at the age of 3 and should complete primary education at age 13/14 yers old. 

The children have benefitted from our School Sponsorship Programme as well as the support of schools, teachers and education professionals from the UK. With a capacity of 400 children children, we are working to prepare today’s children for tomorrows word.

LightForce Agricultural & Vocational School

People in Uganda need sustainable livelihoods and so in 2017 LightForce built and opened an Agricultural School to equip the youth of this rural area to be effective in farming. The school provides students with non- formal courses in Crop Management & Livestock and formal Certificate courses in Agriculture. Staff and students maintain our 140 acre farmland. Students develop hands on skills in livestock management in our piggery, goat farm, dairy and chicken units. We are also developing skills training in other areas, currently tailoring and computer. 

LightForce Children’s Village

LightForce Children’s Village is the home for some of the most vulnerable children in the community. The children are officially under our care. Living with us gives them access to school sponsorship, health care and a loving home environment.

LightForce Health Centre

In 2016, we opened a clinic on site. The clinic provides healthcare for our local community. The clinic also serves our Nursery and Primary School giving our children access to regular health checks and medical care. 

LightForce Masaka

Our partnership with Victory Church began in 2017 in a  rural community, 20km from Masaka town after the completion of a church facility which had stood partly finished for a number of years. The new church building has become a centre for activity in the community providing practical resources, a small childcare project, school sponsorship, training for church leaders, conferences and outreach. 

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