The LightForce Activity Centre hosted a number of camps throughout the summer months providing fun & education for youngsters. A number of Church groups now regularly use the Centre, enjoying the quiet location and easy access to the sea.
The Farm continues to employ local people and is very successful in the breeding and sale of piglets for the neighbourhood and nearby town of Lezhe.

It is the final term of the school year so most children are facing exams over the next few weeks, followed by graduation ceremonies. Thanks to all those who have enabled a child to finish another year by sponsoring them. Education is so key for the future of these children.
There has been a lot of activity going on in the Safari Lodge gardens. Many fruits & vegetables have been harvested, and a cavernous hole was dug (by hand!) for water storage tanks. 
In the local Lira district LightForce has donated football kit for various teams, which they really appreciate!

Recently the roof of Home of Faith was destroyed in a tornado. Members of the Milton Keynes Christian Centre raised over £7500 to re-roof the building and replace the bunk beds. It was an amazing effort! A team recently visited Sunitha and the children & staff to help with the clear up and to spend time with the children.

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