How Churches Can

Be Involved

We are looking for churches to partner with us and support our ministries in Uganda, India and Albania. You can stand alongside us and help us to take the good news to those who haven’t heard it and to support children and families in their time of need. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Setting up a monthly standing order or
  • Make a one off donation via our Make a Donation page
  • Pray for us, the work that we do and the people whom we work with

Mission Trips for members of your congregation 

We believe firmly in putting our faith into action. Every year we welcome out groups and individuals from churches as well as from organisations such as World Race to both Uganda and Albania. It has been wonderful to host youth groups in Uganda, each year, with teenagers as young as 15 attending.

Here is what some of the young people had to say about their time with LightForce

‘My favourite thing about being in Uganda was how warm the people were and how excited the community was to see us and greet us. When we were there I almost forgot about my life in Milton Keynes, nothing really mattered when you saw how children were living and the daily lives of people; it seems we get caught up in our own affairs so much that we stop giving thanks to God from our place of complacency. I loved the spirit in the nursery; the children are taught family and relationships as virtues and worship God every day for his kindness to them. This was so humbling and emotional, considering sometimes we forget to pray for our food or give thanks, God is truly the cornerstone in everything people do there and that’s so inspiring’. Adel, Fuse Youth Group Milton Keynes Christian Centre

‘Uganda has been a great experience for me because I have learnt so much about myself and others. I’ve been able to put into practice God’s work by teaching the word at the LightForce school as well as aiding and showing kindness to those in need. My highlight of the trip was honestly seeing all the children and how happy they were, despite their circumstances. It encouraged me to always be grateful for what I have’. Evea, Fuse Youth Group Milton Keynes Christian Centre

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