Fundraising for LightForce

Take part in a  running event

Whether you are a regular runner or a first timer, entering a race that is going to challenge you is the ideal way to raise money. Not only do you get the satisfaction of doing something for yourself but you also have the opportunity to do something for others. Here are a number of ways you can run and fundraise at the same time:

  • Complete a full or half marathon for LightForce
  • Get people to sponsor you to run a certain distance e.g. 5k, 10k or to run a number of these races within a certain time
  • Complete a fun run for LightForce 

We suggest searching for local runs near to where you are as well as national events

Sell something you have created or made

Use your skills and talents to create something that people will want to buy. You can sell them in your school, place of work, church or give to family members to sell on also. 

  • Cakes, pastries or biscuits
  • Cards
  • Knitted goods
  • Paintings
  • Jewellery

JustGiving Fundraising site

LightForce is a part of JustGiving, the perfect platform for fundraising. Here you can create your own personal fundraising page, get people to donate to your cause for LightForce, share your fundraising on social media as well as marking special occasions in your life e.g. Birthday by asking your friends and family to donate to LightForce. 

Climbing, Cycling or Swimming Challenges

Why not try fundraising for LightForce by doing one of the following events:

  • Cycle from London to Brighton or London to Paris
  • Climb the 3 peaks of the UK 
  • Swim in your local pool to achieve a certain distance or look for open water swimming challenges

We also recommend having a look at Charity Challenge’s website to find some inspiration