How Schools Can

Be Involved

Fundraising Activities

Working together as a school to raise money is an occasion which uplifts and brings everyone together under a common cause. Fundraising is a highly effective way of helping children in Uganda without having to go there. Here are a few simple and effective ways to raise money:

  • Bake Sales after school and at break times
  • Enterprise days (these work especially well with Year 6+ children)
  • Collections after Christmas/ end of year productions
  • Sponsored events
  • Mufti/ own clothes day

Donating School Uniforms

If your school is changing it’s logo or you have excess new uniform that is no longer current we are happy to take the uniform and distribute it where there is a need in Uganda.

Click on this link to see what we are currently accepting:

Clothes Donations


School Sponsorship

Help change a child's future through School Sponsorship. 


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 Your purchase of much-needed supplies helps our operations in India, Albania and Uganda.


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