Thank you for supporting LightForce International – we are in need of your urgent support to enable us to continue to impact the lives of people in Lira & Masaka, Uganda. Compared with January 2022 every pound we send is losing 15p due to poor exchange rates. Food has increased in price along with almost every commodity. Despite this, LightForce continues to help families & individuals with food, clothing & finances; children & young people to be educated; and implementing sustainable farming methods for the future.

Currently our daily LightForce community is around 400 people. The majority are our school children, vocational trainees and staff. We feed them every day. We have 3 schools. Nursery, Primary and Vocational.

Our Nursery and Primary School has 275 pupils with around 140 being sponsored. Vocational has 65. We have tailoring, agriculture and mechanics – all non-formal, on job training. Children are supported in other schools too.
The LightForce Farm is a resource for education. Apart from our trainees who work daily on the farm we host visitors who come to see what we are doing. There are also a number of Universities and institutions that send their students to do fieldwork and internship with us.

Girls Project – a monthly fellowship attended by circa. 250 girls. Worship, prayer, preaching, health education and counselling precede the distribution of feminine hygiene materials.

HIV Widows – this group of 48 ladies also have a monthly fellowship. We provide them with sugar and soap each meeting. Worship, prayer and health advice are appreciated by this group. We are also training them for income generating activity to help them support themselves.

Clinic – our community clinic has 2 nurses and serves the local community as well as our children, students, staff and many of their families.

Prison – there are over 1,000 inmates in Lira Prison. We have been supporting the chaplaincy and providing weekly supplementary vegetables and from time to time soap, razor blades and smearing cream.

Ministry – we supported one of our staff to study theology at Uganda Christian University for three years. Prisca is now ordained as a minister at the Parish Church. She divides her time between LightForce and St. Augustine Church. We support her ministry.

Ministry in Masaka – we continue to support Bruno and Mary who pastor Victory Church in a rural community. Children are supported to schools in the area too.

Sports Kit – schools in the UK donate complete sports kits and we take it to Uganda and help both boys and girls’ football clubs.

Clothing – we get more offers of quality school uniforms, sportswear and jackets than we can handle. Each trip to Uganda allows 60-80kg to be taken and distributed amongst staff and their families and provided to children in need.

The long term plan is for the project to be sustainable. We intend to achieve financial independence in years to come through selling milk, piglets, heifers, eggs, chickens, grilled pork and accommodation. In embryo all these activities are functional and viable – some are further developed than others.
Our electricity comes from solar. Rainwater harvesting reduces our water bills. We are producing bio-gas which we use in our kitchen. The by-product is a slurry that can be used in pig feeds, also as manure and for organic pest control. We use pig & chicken manure as well as surplus slurry on our own land.
We produce our own Napier grass and silage thus economically feeding our cows. Our own tractors are used for ploughing our land and moving produce and other items around the area. We also hire out the tractors to plough for other people. We mill and mix our own animal feeds to reduce costs.